Welcome to my blog!

by ennejoy

Hi there. I’m Enne, and this is my blog. Welcome!

Enne (pronounced like “en” from “end” and “ne” from “nest”, with the accent on the first syllable) is my new name. It means “omen” in Finnish, my native tongue. That is why I have stolen to my own use the name of a wonderful book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

In this blog, I’ll be writing about things in my life as genderqueer in a men’s and women’s world.¬†Viewpoints I look at the world from, include, but are not restricted to: university student, veg(etari)an, schoolteacher-to-be, Finnish, musician, spouse, and cat-lover. I write this blog in English, which is not my “own” language, because in Finnish, it’s so easy to let my fingers type away, without actually thinking at all.

The first actual post will be about how I see myself, and how I would like others to see me. Thanks for staying with me (even) so far!