Have done vs. To do

by ennejoy

I’ve figured that my memory is very non-chronological: it sorts things and events by sound and feel, even taste and smell, not the order I’ve actually done them in. This leads to me thinking through the day in the evening and feeling I haven’t done anything useful. This is because all the day’s events are already stored away in my brain’s folds, to be reactivated by similar things in the future.

Because of this, I’ve started to keep a mental (and today written) Have done list, so that I don’t feel useless and lazy all the time: now I can check my list to see I’ve actually been quite active today. It’s an empowering feeling to do that. All the little things amount to quite a lot of work. And it’s also nice to see that sometimes the list is quite short. That’s a free day, and a free day is great, it’s a luxury.