50 things that make me happy

by ennejoy

Walking. Running. Swimming. Cooking. Knitting.

Traveling. Hiking. Big cities. Really small towns. Cozy cafés.

Hotel breakfasts. Bathtubs. Somebody cleaning the room for me. Sleeping in. Arriving at a new place.

Talking with people. Talking to people. Learning a foreign language. Learning a new Finnish word. Dialects.

Concerts that start early. Concerts with good sound technicians. Dancing people. Dancing with people. Drinking really cold water.

Tsuumi Sound System. Paul Simon. Pizzicato Five. Rachmaninov’s Cello Sonata in G minor. Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät.

Free evenings with nothing to do. Being with my love. Making pasta. Sugared ginger slices. Looking out of the bedroom window and seeing our aspen against the sky.

Writing lists. Reading good books without any hurry to finish them. Paul Auster’s books. HelLooks. Sora’s blog.

Inviting friends over. Hot chocolate with chili powder and cardamom. Taking the last bus. Cycling home in August.  Urban foxes.

Dr. Martens boots. Wasabi. Spring. Autumn. Life.