Words & music

by ennejoy

I’ve been reading a lot the last two weeks: I’ve got a big examination coming up, a Gender Studies one about its classics, Virginia Woolf, Kate Millet etc. Here’s a recommendation for you: when you’ve time, do read “A room of one’s own” (translated to Finnish as “Oma huone”) by Virginia Woolf. It’s a very important little book. So much has changed in a hundred years, and yet so much remains to be done. Am I turning into an activist? I hope so!

Another thing I’ve been doing is listening to music a lot: I went to see Wayne Shorter Quartet play at the Helsinki Music Center (actually it was a work night for me, and I listened to the concert backstage), and the music totally blew my mind. I’ve been listening to jazz, classic and contemporary, with a new appreciation, after hearing an old master like Mr. Shorter play.

Getting involved in jazz and feminism at the same time – I wonder what this will turn into…