How long until Christmas?

by ennejoy

When I was a child, I loved the Christmas season and waited for it eagerly every year. After turning maybe 15, the thrill kind of went out. But now it’s come back with interest. And it feels quite nice!

At the beginning of October, I started to think about Christmas foods, and when it would be “proper” to think about them. Two weeks after that, I made glögi and bought some ready-to-bake gingerbread dough. Didn’t even bake the cookies, but ate the dough straight from the wrappings. Today, after a music theory lesson concentrating on Swedish polskas, I transcribed a traditional Swedish tune, just accidentally called Julpolska (Christmas polska), and after that, found the group’s whole CD at Spotify. Now here I am, with Christmas music playing, I’m chatting online with a friend in Denmark who’s baking gingerbread, and neither of us feels guilty about this at all. Guess we’re getting old. I love the feeling.