My feminism

by ennejoy

I’m in the middle of a three-week teacher practice period (the second of three, the two others being considerably longer and more demanding), teaching ethics to high school students. Today, we discussed feminism, and specifically feminist critiques of religion. As I firmly believe that the best way to tackle the challenge of objectivity is to be aware of and admit one’s subjectivity, I’ve been thinking a lot of how to explain my take on feminism.

This is what I’ve come up with.

My feminism is about a hope of a world where the (biological) sex has the same social function as, say, one’s hair color or right/left-handedness in today’s Finnish society: one can express oneself through these, but nobody would think of them as restricting or guiding a person’s life choices.

My feminism is about actively promoting the acceptance of the unconditional value of every human being, and actively working against the circumstances preventing this from being realized.

My feminism is about daring myself to question my own prejudices, and believing the best about every person.