An ending

This is the last post in this blog.

When I started the blog in 2012, my life was totally different from today. I was starting to come to terms with my then newfound gender identity (or lack thereof), learning what it meant to be genderqueer or transgender in a society that denies the existence of other genders than the Two. I didn’t know I knew people who I knew would share my experience, and so, I had nobody to speak to about what it felt like, who could really know what I meant. So, I started to write about it, which turned out to be really, really good for me.

And gradually, things have changed. Today, meeting other non-binary people, gender doesn’t always have to be on the list. I’m finishing a master’s thesis about genderqueer people, and I’m starting out on another adventure, that of tackling the Trans Unit in order to reach… well, I don’t even know yet! But anyway, there’s loads and loads of thinking of gender in my life right now, so much, that writing about it in my free time just doesn’t feel as important anymore.

And as I sit in a comfy chair at therapy, finding out so much about myself that isn’t the way it seems to have been, my non-normative gender identity (usually) isn’t a problem to be solved any more. It’s a part of myself that I already know rather well, from having thought about it so much – and as such, it is (in its flowing, fluctuating way) a rather stable part of me, around which I can position my new findings about myself. For a change, it feels good to be genderqueer, and it feels good to be me.

Thank you, everybody, for reading and commenting, for the support and love. All the best,